Cost-effective alternative to screen-printing from Emerald City Decoration

We’re proud to offer a high-quality, cost-effective printing process that is a great alternative to screen printing and perfect for intricate, elaborate, multi-color and high color-gradient designs.

  • Perfect for small-scale creative projects, personalized apparel, and event crew shirts. Direct-to-garment printing delivers detailed, multi-color designs with a super soft-touch feel using water-based inks that absorb deep into the fibers of 100% Cotton apparel.
  • Completely local, our on-site factory uses Brother DTG machines with your choice of using a white base-coat (to make colors pop on darker fabrics) or no white base-coat, for more of a bleed-through retro look that works great with vintage design styles.
  • Our experienced, friendly team is committed to providing your team with superior quality, convenience and service. Contact our knowledgeable staff for custom DTG-printed, decorated apparel orders that run smoothly with quick turnaround.
Colorful anime-style illustration of female character t-shirt


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