Award-winning digitizing and custom embroidery from Emerald City Decoration

Emerald City Decoration specializes in expert-level digitizing and wholesale embroidery for custom apparel, serving wholesalers in Seattle, the Pacific Northwest or nation wide.

  • Embroidery provides that extra professional touch that can’t be achieved with printing. It delivers a polished message, durable quality, and traditional look for uniforms, caps, sweatshirts, jackets, and all other commercial and personal garments and accessories.
  • Completely local, our factory employs award-winning digitizers and talented craftspeople, with 62 Tajima state-of-the-art heads, each equipped with up to 15 colors for each design. Check out our Poly thread options for color that won’t bleed or fade even when subjected to repeated professional heavy duty washing.
  • Our experienced and friendly team is committed to providing your team with superior quality, convenience and service. For over 15 years we have been taking your designs and expertly setting up your logo, emblem, slogan, team mascot, or original artwork for digitized embroidery designs and customized apparel.
Custom colorful logo embroidery for Fuego
Expressive octopus logo embroidery for martial arts club
Detailed sports logo embroidery for Brantford Bobcats
Gradient logo embroidery for Aeropanda


Quantity / Stitches 1-5000 5001-9000 9001-13000 13001+ add per 1000 stitches
1-11 $21.64 $23.62 $27.08 $1.18
12-35 $7.78 $9.02 $11.38 $1.04
36-71 $7.04 $8.18 $10.32 $0.94
72-143 $6.80 $7.94 $10.06 $0.70
144-249 $6.32 $7.40 $9.40 $0.70
250-499 $5.78 $6.84 $8.80 $0.60
500+ $5.18 $6.32 $8.32 $0.58
*Smaller projects are subject to our $50 minimum run charge. This charge does not include any set-up costs.
***Hats & Flats are priced separately as they are ran on different machines resulting in 2 setups.
File Set-ups
New Digitizing 0-20k 20k-40k 40k+ Stock Names
Based on stitches $86.25 $167.50 $250.00 $37.50
Editing Customer Supplied EMB Supplied DST Supplied files include 1 sew out up to 20k stitches.  
Files $74.00 $100.00 Supplied files over 20k stitches or additional sew outs are $25 each  
3D - Foam - Puff Designs - Metallic and Specialty Threads - Additional per piece $0.63
Special Handling Charge (bags, some jackets, ect) Additional per piece/location $1.25
Thread Color Changes - Per color (one color change is included at no additional set-up) $8.13
Additional Charges
Chest Sized Names First+Last, one line, approx. 2 to 4 inches wide $8.75
Chest Sized Name+Title First+Last+Job Title/location, two lines, approx. 4 inches wide $11.25
Stock Embroidered Numbers up to 2 inches tall $8.75
Proofing Fees
Virtual E-Proof $12.50
Physical Sewout $18.75
Placement Photo $25.00
Pre-Production Sample $37.50
Garment Handling
Individual Poly Bagging $0.63
Individual Poly Bagging with Size Sticker $0.75
Processing Split ship to locations - per location $0.00
Rush fees - Assessed on a case by case basis - Minimum fee $12.50
Mixed Handling
<12 pcs | 1-3 Styles 4-6 Styles 7-12 Styles 13-19 Styles 20+
$0 $0.90 $1.20 $1.50 $2
***Damages Policy***
Emerald City Decoration Is not responsible for damages up to 3 pieces or 3% of the order, whichever is greater.
Any replacement costs will be added as credit to your account.
***Maximum Standard Size***
Our largest standard hoop size can accommodate a 10x10 inch design. If you need a larger design we will need you to send us a product sample of your smallest size item for evaluation. Oversized hooping fee will apply.